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Welcome to Seyfert!

Experience, how we bring the worn-out word "innovations" back to life in our corrugated cardboard packaging solutions!

Find out, how you can make use of unique benefits!

Discover, why we're always one exciting idea ahead:

Intelligent, efficient, and creative designs!

We sell solutions which are a little bit different. As is usual, our packaging consists of a unique combination of air and paper. But we go one step further, and throw improved handling, optimized material usage, and an attractive appearance into the mix.

Outstanding material

At Seyfert, you'll find all types and grades of corrugated board, from E to ACA. However, we're particularly proud of one of our materials: In the form of seytec®, we've managed to develop a class of corrugated board which:

  • Provides improved performance with the same amount of material or the same performance with less material
  • Offers better process safety
  • Has a surface which is really easy to print on and improves lamination

*** seytec®: Same amount of material means improved performance and same performance requires less material!



Sustainability and profitability

Sustainability and ecological responsibility are the common denominators of our craft. And contrary to the common belief that ecological thinking is associated with high costs, we are able to show you how you can actually profit from the economic advantages of intelligent designs and innovative classes of corrugated board.