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Since 1912 - owner-operated, innovative, and full of ideas
Seyfert is an internationally active company with:

  • 8 corrugated cardboard factories in France and
  • A paper mill for producing corrugated base paper
  • A service organization in Germany for making packaging and displays (co-packing)


Our goal:

Intelligent, cost-optimized packaging and displays which are designed for efficient logistics processes

Our strengths:

High flexibility and individual solutions in accordance with the requirements and aspirations of our customers

Our motto:

Innovation born of tradition! As a family enterprise - since 1912 - we are commercially independent. Our products are exclusively produced in Germany and France.
Seyfert is certified as per DIN ISO 9001 and FSC®. For many years, environmentally friendly trade, the avoidance of waste, and energy efficiency have been firm elements of our corporate philosophy. A total of 1,200 enthusiastic, highly motivated employees at several locations in France and Germany turn ideas into reality each day - so that you're one step ahead of the competition.
Our performance ability impresses companies of all sizes - including YOU, if you place your trust in us!

Quality makes life easier for the complaints department.


The corporate management of Seyfert GmbH has formulated quality objectives in order to live up to our responsibility for performance towards customers, the environment, our employees, and society.
These objectives form the basis for continual growth and economic success.

  1. We want satisfied customers. For this reason, top-quality products and services are one of our company's main aims. This also applies to services which are carried out in our name with regard to commerce and customer service.
  2. Our quality goal is always "no faults" or "100% correct".
  3. As well as assessing the quality of our products, our customers evaluate the punctuality of deliveries. Each project should be executed correctly right from the start. As well as reducing costs, this allows us to deliver on time.
  4. Quality increases cost-effectiveness. Even though we take the utmost care, faults can still occur from time to time. We have therefore introduced procedures which enable faults to be discovered early on. These methods must be applied extremely consistently.
  5. Each employee in our company contributes to the realization of our quality objectives. It is therefore the responsibility of each employee - from trainee to managing director - to carry out faultless work. Anyone who becomes aware of a quality risk and is unable to remedy this him- or herself is obliged to inform his or her superior without delay.
  6. The ongoing, targeted training and development of our employees are really important to us.
  7. The quality of our products is also dependent on the quality of purchased parts. We therefore expect our suppliers to delivery top quality and we support them in the realization of shared quality objectives.
  8. The realization of our quality objectives is an important executive function.
  9. We undertake to treat resources sparingly. This has been demonstrated through the implementation of a sustainable resource management system as per FSC, amongst other things.
  10. Hygiene management as per GMPs guarantees hygienically trouble-free products and a clean environment.

Werner Seyfert Snr (born 1884) founded the South German Werner Seyfert Corrugated Cardboard Factory ("Süddeutsche Wellpappenfabrik Werner Seyfert") in Göppingen, Germany. This was the first corrugated cardboard factory in South West Germany.

The South German Werner Seyfert Corrugated Cardboard Factory moved to Reichenbach/Fils, Germany.

The management of the company was taken over by Werner Seyfert Jnr.

The Salzgitter (Germany) factory was founded.

Frank Seyfert joined the company.

1st of April - the Monheim (Germany) plant of Vereinigte Verpackungsgesellschaft (VVG) was acquired.

A paper factory (Descartes) and two corrugated cardboard factories (Reims and Feurs) of Weyerhaeuser, in France, were acquired.

The Provence (Avignon) corrugated cardboard factory was acquired from La Rochette.

Seyfert Service GmbH was founded in Monheim (Germany)

Shares were acquired in Tri-Wall KK, Japan (10%).

Two processing plants (Libercourt, Décines) were acquired from Mondi Packaging, France.

100th anniversary

General terms and conditions


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