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Accurate, safe, and cost-effective!


Without a doubt, packaging is a means to an end. But over and above the required basic functions of protection and the communication of content, packaging has other properties which can be quite exciting:

  • Sophisticated designs make the packaging process safer and volume-optimized.
  • We promise improved handling with regard to the packaging itself and the interior fittings.
  • We have the best packaging for your product, whether it's going to be erected manually or by machine.
  • Thanks to ArtiosCAD, development can take place without a physical product, allowing really precise packaging
    to be constructed on the basis of a 3D model.


Our portfolio:


Product protection, functionality, and environmental friendliness
For optimized logistics and a high level of safety on the way to the customer.


Grooving, slitting, punching, counting, bundling, and palletizing in a single pass!
These packaging units can be punched, printed in multiple colours, and - if required - glued straight away in a single pass.

Flexible and multi-functional
Brown, white, or printed in multiple colours - we have the solution for every requirement, including the following:

  • Crates
  • Trays

Thanks to our special seytec®-ECE, we have a strong solution for heavy loads.

Seyfert safely packs danger away!

Just right for catching the attention of customers at points of sale.






Easy handling, safe transport, and attractive appeal on the shelf - thanks to developments by Seyfert.

"Black tie" outfits for your product!

Efficient and productive
Low storage space requirement, low weight, long liquid shelf life, and easy disposal.

Individual, fitting, and attractive!
We look forward to hearing your complex packaging requirements for different products and application areas.